Waxing Oracle on AFL – RD 2 2017

Round 2 2017 Ive just been reading Western Australian centric football talk and news. Sigh. I say centric but what I actually mean by that is: West Australian football journos dribbling about football, trying to be funny (without being funny), having nothing original to say amongst the lot of them and sprouting mountains of dribble with no real […]

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I’m Sorry for Being a Bully

Travis, Buddy,mate… Thanks to your way over the top reaction to my little ball-to-head tap, I was suspended for two games today. Two games? There was nothing in it though mate. I know you don’t care because you bunch o’ snakes lost but we BIG hairy wild cats are in the Grand Final man. I […]

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Not all doom and gloom. In fact, Perth could be better without Knight.

Matty Knight is injured again, only this time he’s likely done for the year. At best, he needs many weeks to recuperate his whole body. Sombre news indeed, for the Wildcat faithful. On the surface, the Tasmanian is averaging 11.7PPG and 6.9RPG, in this 2016/17 back-to-back campaign. Both marks are around his career averages. They’re […]

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