About ALLeigHOOPS 

A quick note from Alleighoops in case you were wondering: 

The piece “A Triple Slice of Big O” that you’ll find amongst these posts, was the first thing I’d ever written. It was the 9th December 2014, 1.24PM, when I emailed my ‘homework’ assignment.

It was put together in response to a request, put out to all his loyal readers ,by journalist David Aldridge of NBA.com and Turner sports.

I accepted the challenge he posed to his readers immediately and smashed that out in about 2 hours. After emailing it to DA, I forgot all about it – although I was pretty happy with what I had put together.

On Tuesday mornings as usual, I would log on to the NBA website and read DA’s ‘Morning Tip’, an essential read for all NBA fans. Halfway through reading the tip, on the 16th December 2014, I began reading something that sounded familiar! DA had published what I wrote on the NBA’s official website. Chosen among hundreds of submissions; read by tens of thousands worldwide under his weekly Morning Tip post. He also gave me an unofficial A++ for the submission.

Needless to say I was totally blown away, it was a fantastic early Christmas present, from someone I had never met.

Thus began my writing journey.

It’s a journey that currently has me contributing regular basketball content, for our nationally recognised and admired Aussie hoops website, “The Pick and Roll”.

This webpage though, is my storage unit – one that I hope to fill up – as I continue to be inspired to write. It began in earnest as a purely basketball page because that was what inspired my writing in the beginning.

But, why stop at that I thought?

The ALLeigHOOPS menu page – which can also be found here -has gradually been expanding and will eventually include a whole lot of ramblings on a great many subjects. Ball, AFL, Writing – etcetera


Why Alleighoops? 

The Alley-oop is a gift to fans from the Basketball gods. It is an exceptional connection between teammates which highlights: skill, timing and incredible athleticism.

My middle name is Leigh.

This blog here was originally ALL about HOOPS.

Put Leigh in the middle – where it’s most comfortable – and you get …


As an aside: the answer is yes, I am a huge Big Lebowski fan… I practice the zen vibe of Dudeism.



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