NBL Season: Round 2


8 things I ‘like’ and ‘don’t like’, so far:

1- The Wildcats ‘Perth skyline’ uni is quite subtle in design, barely noticeable on TV, but it has been very well executed. In fact, all the team uniforms are far more aesthetically appealing now, compared to recent history. There is one notable exception though: the 36ers road uni is terrible! It should be binned immediately, never to be worn again. Ugh!

2- Michael Holyfield is proving a handful in the paint, just as the Hawks had hoped. The man is a beast, dunks  everything and should dominate the comp all year. He loves getting physical with opponents and throwing his weight around. Strap yourselves in for the heavyweight match up that’s coming soon (Oct 30) – Holyfield v Jawai. Oh boy.


3- Welcome back Gazey. I can’t be the only one who has missed your dimple faced histrionics while working over the officials. With a Gaze back in the sideline saddle, all is right in the NBL once again.


4- The on court advertising is, unfortunately, a necessary evil at this point but can the painted lane areas at least be the same colour at each end?  It’s all too busy, a hodgepodge of colour and it looks tacky to me. The league needs to re-think it’s policies on the advertising and even where it’s own logo should be.

5- It is a thing of beauty when Kevin Lisch feels disrespected and sends a timely reminder. There is ice in those veins, he is a cold blooded assassin. Same with Jerome Randle, who has one hand on the MVP trophy already.

6- Josh Powell: You need to be much better than what you displayed against the Taipans. If it’s that easy to get under your skin and cause a meltdown – like your cheap shot slap against Mark Worthington – expect to be targeted in future. Every team would have taken note and you may cost the Kings a game in future if you can’t control the urges.

7- The tech fouls called in Round 1 for flopping. Thank you! We all saw the positive affect it had in Round 2.

8- The Bullets are back baby! And, they are definitely loaded. Dropped one against the Adelaide 36ers that they shouldn’t have, but they tick all the boxes of a genuine championship contender: size, coaching, shooting, athleticism, championship experience and x-factor.

jermaine beal.jpg

It will take me a while to get used to that brown though.


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