An Introduction to the Perth Wildcats



The words have become synonymous with the National Basketball League (NBL): Perth Wildcats and NBL championships.

Coming from the West and being a part of every championship won by the Wildcats has brought me enormous joy and immense feeling of pride.


Pride in the organisational strength which simply put: is now the gold standard for any sporting franchise of any code in Australia.

The Wildcats have become what the Utah Jazz were in the 80’s and 90’s and what the San Antonio Spurs have been since Gregg Popovich took the reigns in 1996 – the envy of every other franchise in it’s league.


Envy for the way they go about it, the standards they set and drive into staff and players every single day in every single little thing, the accountability they hold the staff to if standards aren’t met.

Since 1987 – when this incredible dynastic run began -the Perth Wildcats have won 8 Championships (twice going back-to-back), contested 13 Championship series and participated in a stunning 31 straight playoffs.


It’s more incredible than the Jazz and Spurs.

You can point to having the same owner Larry Miller and coach Jerry Sloan along with Stockton and Malone for 20+ years as being the catylyst for Utah’s success.

You can pinpoint Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan’s  and R C Bufords arrivals as the catalyst for the Spurs sustained dominance in the NBA since 1996.

Despite sustained, consistent and sometimes dominant winning since 1987, the Wildcats haven’t steered clear of disharmony and discord from within. This franchise has been rather ruthless when needed and many times without being needed.


A total of 11 coaches including Cal Bruton and Alan Black on two occasions.

Four main ownership groups – Bob Williams, Kerry Stokes, Vlahov & Longley and current owner Jack Bendat.

The Wildcats have called 5 Stadia home – The Superdrome, Challenge Stadium, Perth Entertainment Centre, Challenge Stadium again, Burswood Dome (1 game) and now Perth Arena.


Even with the constant change, the upheaval, the internal power struggles in the early 90’s and the rapid coaching changes over its history – none of it has mattered to the Wildcats.

They just keep winning. This page and the articles written herein, are a personal ode to my favourite team and arguably the greatest team in Australia’s sporting history, The Perth Wildcats.

This page has been a personal labour of love for yours truly. A lot of hours spent reading, writing, watching, collating, comparing and talking about the Wildcats.


(Some are still being finished)

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