Basketball Gods… Please, I beg you

We all know the metaphorical ‘door’ is wide open and until now Kobe had the right, earned the right even, to decide when to walk through that door.

That CAN’T be possible now.

The man had a chance to walk away of his own volition,

standing proudly, his chin up, head held high,

ready to join his brethren on the other side. His “muses’ as he liked to call them: both the recent and ancient retirees.

That ISN”T possible now.

Kobe Bryant is setting a record pace for destroying a legacy (One I always thought was overblown). Kobe Bryant is setting a record pace for turning off those who were once devout followers and ardent loyalists. (I was never one of them).

This CAN’T possibly be allowed to continue.

Kobe Bryant is now single handedly making a complete and utter mockery of the game, his teammates, his team and his city, LA. Every miss, every brick, every airball he continues to shoot – game after game, night after night, completely sucks the life out of the wide eyed young men he is supposed to be passing the torch to. The same young men he is supposed to be showing the way to, guiding, mentoring, helping and ‘assisting’ (what a concept).


This MUSN’T be allowed to continue.

There are two options as I see it. Kobe either leaves now or the players refuse to play with a wounded gunslinger from an era now in the rearview mirror. Something simply has to give.

I’ve never liked Kobe but I’ve always loved the game of basketball. Unlike a certain rookie in Portland, I am older than Kobe, so I am allowed to talk trash, and I am shocked and shagrined that this so called ‘great’ has been allowed to destroy everything great about the proud Lakers franchise and the game on a continual basis. This is not a 1 game slide or a 3 game slump. This is a season long plea for a mercy killing! Somebody put him out of his misery and make the tough call for him! He is clearly incapable of doing it himself.


Perhaps the words

“I don’t want to do this anymore”

should be taken literally because I know for sure that

I don’t want to watch this anymore!!

This whole thing has become a farce.


This whole thing is now disgraceful, it really is. We all deserve better than this.

This is not how a real champion rides off into the sunset: see Duncan, Garnett and Nowitzki for that.

For someone who supposedly loves everything about the game, he has a funny way of showing it.

It’s gone beyond a joke now.


One last time, Kobe has rubber stamped everything I always knew about him.

Hurry up and walk through that door…

Basketball deserves better than this


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