Should the Warriors explore a Barnes trade?

Just One Possibility…

Harrison Barnes has been listed as day to day as reported by Sam Sorkin and Nate Parham after suffering a knee contusion in a recent preseason game. MRI’s have since confirmed bone bruising. That announcement continues a recent run of “frownyface” headlines for Barnes.

Are you getting the feeling that it’s going to be one of those years for Harrison? I am! Until that contract is signed and sealed or other avenues are looked into and used, it could be a long, long year.

One option is to trade Harrison. Some even want that to happen now! Let’s not forget the deadline to sign an extension or become a restricted free agent is November 2.

Let me be clear, trading Harrison is not what I would do and I’m hesitant to even talk about a current member of the team in such a way, (is it against GSoM rules?) but if it had to happen, then there is one enticing candidate that the Warriors need to look into.

He is a 6’6, 228 pound athlete with a 6’11 wingspan and he’s under contract through 2018-2019 on the rookie scale:

$1,449,000 (15-16) $1,514,160 (16-17)

$1,579,440 (17-18) $2,516,048 (18-19)

*the last two years are team options.

His name is

Justin Anderson

and heres what they say about him:-

Kirk Henderson over at Mavsmoneyball had this to say after his debut in summer league

Justin Anderson is an honest to goodness, NBA player

The left-handed shooting guard has a great stroke…What’s more, despite appearing to have the green light, none of his shots were forced.

Some other notable quotes from Draft Express

Generates most of his offensive opportunities within the flow of offense”

“Has shown the ability to muscle his way to the rim and finish strong”

“Versatile defender, can guard multiple positions”

“Has the strength to defend bigger players in the post”

“Best at passing when he finds teammates in transition by drawing defenders into the paint and passing the ball to open players at the basket”

From a Scouting report by Derek Bodner April 29 – 2015

“The strides Anderson has made over the last 12 months on his jump shot has been a tremendous boon for his draft stock. The improvement makes it relatively easy to see a defined role for Anderson at the next level, as guys with his defensive potential and versatility, who can also consistently hit form the perimeter, are in high demand around the league.”

The Trade

Harrison Barnes and Brandon Rush for Justin Anderson and Raymond Felton

The parameters of the simple trade can be viewed here

I’m not even going into Felton, needless to say he would be waived.

Some Quick Pros

Anderson can slot straight into Barnes’ starting slot and the rest of the Warriors don’t skip a beat, Iguodola can stay on the bench as the sixth man and offer guidance for the rook.

It may free up a couple more minutes for Kevon Looney and James Michael McAdoo that otherwise wouldn’t be available.

Barnes salary demands become Cubans problem.

Is there a better young fit for the Warriors out there? It’s almost too perfect.

You’re basically trading like for like and saving money. They are both similar players except one is a rookie tied up for 4 years at reasonable coin. The other is demanding big money and that could de-rail the harmony of a championship team.

Warriors maintain the trade exceptions of David Lee at $5.3 mill and Gerald Wallace at a shade under $3.2 mill

Some Quick Cons

The Warriors lose a vital asset (surely top 5 in Basketball Jonez’ countdown) that hasn’t hit his straps yet and could be used in other deals down the line if necessary (Durant perhaps?).

You’re losing a 23 year old established starter on a Championship team and there aren’t that many of them around you know. He’s an athletic, strong wing that can guard 2-4 and is coming into what should be his best years in the L.

Would the league leading Warrior defense take a hit?? Despite the calls about Anderson’s defensive chops, he is still a rookie! There would invariably be a steep learning curve before becoming settled.

Would The Mavs even do it?


Again, this is not something I would actively seek to do if I was the Warrior front office, it is smart management however to have ideas and options already in your back pocket for “if” that time comes. That way you get to set the agenda.

Personally, I want the Warriors and Harrison to work it all out, he’s just becoming a man and these next 4-5 years could be exciting for the Warriors, he shouldn’t miss out on that.


If push came to shove, I would hope the Warriors sound out The Mavs for a chat.

I leave you with this from the other day against OKC and over Serge Ibaka.

Big Dunk


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