Waxing Oracle on AFL – RD 2 2017

Round 2 2017

Ive just been reading Western Australian centric football talk and news. Sigh.

I say centric but what I actually mean by that is: West Australian football journos dribbling about football, trying to be funny (without being funny), having nothing original to say amongst the lot of them and sprouting mountains of dribble with no real conviction at all.

God it’s boring. Manotenous and boring.

In the Friday Furnace today, every ‘expert’ made mention of “Hawthorn sliding – or are they?” and “is Adelaide the real deal” and “tune out Freo v Port (if you’re a Freo fan)” it could get ugly. They all mentioned the Essendon v Brisbane game being played in a swimming pool this round and Buckley being in the hot seat.


Is it really that hard to make a statement with conviction and then stand by it because you actually know what you are talking about? We need more Mark MacLure and less Michael Stamp (6PR reporter and office oddsmaker), Tim Carrier (office fantasy football addict), Brendan Foster (resident grumpy old man), David Prestipino (wine-ing footy tragic) and Justin Rake (long-suffering Fremantle fan) over here in the West.

Say something of substance, make a call and back yourself you whiny fucks.

So, because I am the Oracle allow me to impart some wisdom for this Round of our great game.

The burning question for this round is:- what the bloody hell are Ross Lyon and Fremantle doing?

You are clearly in a major rebuild, therefore – THERE IS NO PLACE IN THIS SIDE FOR Zac DAWSON, Jonathon GRIFFIN, Michael JOHNSON and Nick SUBAN unless one of the youngsters is injured.

Where was Sam Collins? You played Dawson over Collins? Seriously Zac, where are the incriminating photos of Ross?? Enough already. You’re done.

Hayden Crozier? He has to play every game this year, you’re rebuilding, remember?

Ethan Hughes?  He’s 22 years of age and has played in 6 games? 6 games in 4 years! Whoi is he? Play him with the rest of the young docks and find out.

Griffin Logue? Your number one draft pick. Get him in the team, find out what you have.

Alex Pearce? Over his calf problem. Get him in the team in place of walking turnover Johnson.

Matt Tabener? Where?

Tom Sheridan? Where?

And….where is Harley Bennell?

When you rebuild you simply must go all in on youth. Whilst I admire Fremantle’s ruthlessness in cutting bait with some old fogies, they must now show the same cahones at the selection table all year as well.

Fremantles Round 1 team should have looked like this…


Collins          Hamling          Spurr

Half Backs

Mundy          Pearce           Sheridan


S Hill             Blakely             B Hill

Half Forwards

Crozier         Taberner         Weller


Kersten         McCarthy      Walters


Sandilands         Fyfe           Neale


Ibbotson       Tucker     Sutcliffe     Langdon

INS – Sheridan, Crozier, Tabener, Collins, A Pearce

OUT – Griffin, Johnson, Dawson, D Pearce, Suban

A headline for the ages

Fremantle plays with great pace and purpose, Ross’s head explodes.

Same game multi pick of the round

$2 on Sydney v Bulldogs

Sydney head to head – Parker 30+ possessions – Reid 3+ goals – Sydney 1-39 – Total goals over 26.5 – Half Time Line Sydney (+ 9.5)

Paying $92.00

Tipping (Total = 6)

Richmond, Sydney, Adelaide, GWS, Essendon, West Coast, Geelong, Melbourne, Port






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